(Rudyard Kipling)

A spiritual course

It isn’t a book which is easy to read, particularly for those who speak in broken English like me. The syntax and vocabulary are rather archaic, if not (sometimes) deliberately faulty. But I think it was worth the hardship.
More than a simple story of espionnage, one may see in it a spiritual course. The constant journeying along the picturesque roads of 19th c. British India would be the concrete expression of such a course.
Were it adapted for the cinema, one would probably have to label it as a « road movie ».
And, for sure, one has to bear in mind that Kipling was a freemason. There is undoubtedly an esoteric approach/dimension to his work.

Here is an oil portrait of my doing, plus two postcards which I felt I had to buy while reading the book. Whoever has read « Kim » would understand the reason. Through my painting I am myself on a quest for enlightment. Something which would help uplift my soul and, perhaps, give a purpose.

Donald Sheridan