Art and metaphysics

An absolute, generative principle?

I paint because my art enables me to open certain doors and to meet (it is at least my wish) people I wouldn’t meet in an ordinary context.
I also paint in order to elevate, uplift my soul and find... shall we say... a “metaphysical” reason to our existence.

I’m an atheist. I envy those who benefit from the comfort of a religion.
I think it is wrong to say : “What is the meaning of life?”. I don’t think there is any meaning at all. Life gropes its way along, blind, with no goal, no guideline, no self-awareness. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.
The fact that we, human beings, are self-aware doesn’t mean that there is a “supreme” awareness. Perhaps we are a mere “anomaly”. Perhaps not.

The major physicists, when they are not religious, tend to become mystical. The laws of the Universe are there, almost perfect, as if they had been thought, conceived, engineered. Is there an absolute, generative principle?
Can we reach it through Art instead of science or religion? Could Art help us transcend ourselves? I don’t mean art for the petits bourgeois, ruled by trends and which isn’t truly worth a brass farthing. I’m talking, for instance, about a painting or a sculpture in which you “find yourself” and which leads you to ecstasy or the Divine.
A artwork can be a catalyst or a gate.

Am I deluding myself? Maybe. I dunno. I ask myself questions that people have asked before me and will continue to ask after me, with no satisfying answer.
It is very frustrating.

You understand now why I don’t hold in high esteem the people who live their miserable little daily life, happy with their untarnished four-wheel drives, their little iphones, their baseness, unable to formulate any kind of abstract thought.
They are happier than me, though!

Donald Sheridan