Stop showing off with your silverware!

No, I have no smartphone.
No, I donít have a chrome-plated fatty car.
No, I have no television.
Yes, I eat with sterling silver knives and forks.
You disapprove? I couldnít care less!

An anecdote:
When I was a kid, I was very jealous of my two big brothers because their paternal grand-mother was also their godmother. She was as thick as two short planks (she hurt many people), but well off.
At every birthday (or Christmas, I donít recall) my brothers were given two pieces of silver cutlery. It drove me crazy. My mother would say, in order to soothe me: ďDonít worry, youíll inherit my own canteen of cutlery. A canteen which had been designed by a renowned Austrian architect in the first decades of the 20th century (the very one who designed the Palais Stoclet in Brussels).
It would usually appease my sorrow. However, now that I fell out with my dear mum (a person whom I would best describe as judgmental, hypocritical, highly conceited and stuck in her pride), that I havenít seen her for many years, I find myself in the same situation as La Fontaineís Perrette (and her jug of milk) : goodbye calves, cows, pigs and hens. Goodbye gorgeous canteen of sterling silver cutlery (late art nouveau / early art dťco) signed Hoffmann.

So, what to do? Well, as I am an inveterate collector (see my ďcollectionsĒ), I endeavoured to get my own canteen, buying it bit by bit on ebay. And Iíve got almost the whole set. I love the sober Old English style and, the good thing about silverware, itís that its cachet increases with time (provided it remains in good condition).

I donít often use my silverware, cose I know that many people will not understand, thinking that Iím just showing off. No, Iím not showing off. I love a nice table. I love to keep up with certain traditions. And no, I donít always want to conceal my origins in order to soothe my guests.

Donald Sheridan