Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Thatís me.
Schizophrenic? No.
Letís say that I behave in two different manners, according to circumstances.

The Dr Jekyll in me is the one who's interested in sciences, music, literature, history, archeology. This part of my being strives for the heavens, the sublime.

Mr Hyde, thatís when Iím in societyÖ and bored beyond belief.
- Either I take a book and shove off discreetly.
- Or I switch modes and tune in to double meanings and figurative wit, ę humour au second degrť Ľ as the French call it.
- Or I vaguely listen and utter wrongs comments, wrong answers: I make a fool of myself.

ę second degrť Ľ, which basically means that you donít consider things literally, is not understood by all. Those who donít get it usually think Iím oafish. Those people could not, in any way, imagine that I read, a few hours earlier, an article on the management of landed estates in 13th c. Constantinople.

I'm not pretentious, I'm not arrogant. I'm searching for inner depth, preferably sprinkled with humour.