Proletariat ...
... a new definition

Today, we can no longer talk in terms of social classes. At least, the system has become porous, and thatís very well. Knowledge has never been so cheap and accessible. With a bit of will power and sweat, the son of a brick layer can become CEO.

So, for me, the definition of the word ďproletariatĒ has changed.
It doesnít matter if youíre rich or poor :
Today youíre a prolet if you allow the sytem to fuck you deep, eyes closed.
Youíre a prolet if you donít understand that there are more important things than smartphones and four-wheel drives.
Youíre a prolet if you buy without pondering the impact of your purchasing on the environment and the society.
Youíre a prolet if you are lucky enough to have a little garden and yet you canít be bothered to look after it (both literally and figuratively).
Youíre a prolet if youíre unable to furnish your house with a tiny bit of good taste. And donít go thinking that good taste is the prerogative of the rich. You would be wrong.

In short, being a prolet is a state of mind.