Stupid parents…
… Smart parents

Stupid parents shout and whack their kids when they bring home a bad school report.
Smart parents keep cool, talk with their kids and try to determine the root of the problem.

Stupid parents say: “You’re a big boy now, you must manage by yourself”.
Smart parents supervise their kids’ homework and tell them: “If you have a problem at school or elsewhere, come and see me. You know that you can count on us”.

Stupid parents simply have « no time ».
Smart parents know that having kids entails responsabilities. You don’t beget children out of conformity. Smart parents are well aware that they will have to devote a great deal of time to their kids. They are also well aware that money is a cheap substitute and doesn’t replace the love they need.

Stupid parents will always blame other people for their kids’ failures.

My eldest son is nearly 15. He accumulates merits at school and just got his French brevet with distinction. He is an original kid and doesn’t give a fig about what other kids may think of him. He is well-balanced and so are his two little brothers (still at primary school).
The secret: we taught him to be self-confident. He knows we are present and constantly (but not intrusively) supporting him. We endeavour to exchange (opinions, advice, doubts, feelings, ...), even if it’s not always easy.

July 2017