Some personal & useless writing

    Lawrence Durrell
    The Quartet of Alexandria

    What's the use?

    Art and metaphysics
    An absolute, generative principle?

    KIM (Rudyard Kipling)
    A spiritual course

    Stupid parents ...
    ... Smart parents

    He died the way he lived ...
    ... an arsehole

    Proletariat ...
    ... a new definition

    On the learning of languages
    The culturally crippled

    Being intelligent
    An essay

    A signet ring
    Why wearing it?

    Stop showing off ...
    ... with your silverware!

    ... and the gods shall punish you!

    Dr Jekyll ...
    ... & Mr Hyde

    Provins (south of Paris)
    A walk through the medieval town.

    Thai ceramics
    The three-headed elephant feature

    Museum of Gallo-Roman archaeology
    Saint-Romain-en-Gal (Vienne - France)