Sheri's Tribune

Some people say that you need to suffer to excel as an artist. I wouldn't say they are wrong. Materially speaking, I'm doing ok. Mentally speaking, well, I had my fair share of insanity, growing as a kid among a bunch of emotional fucktards. I suppose that counts.

I don't seem to get along well with other artists. Let's face it, they are... well... not very subtle for the most part. The abstruseness of their speech (if they have any) hardly conceals the shallowness of their work... and personality. Mind you, subtlety is not what buyers are looking for nowadays. There was a time when buyers were educated, learned people, who could not be fooled easily. Time long gone, I'm afraid.

You may think I'm conceited, opinionated, judgmental. You're right. I am conceited, opinionated and judgmental. I am, all things considered, fairly misanthropic. Reason why I tend to live on the fringes of our society, in a kind of comfy temporal bubble, amid my paintings and ancient artefacts, tending to my trees and gallinaceans (whose intellect seem to match that of my peers).

Enough said about me. What about you?