Sheri's Tribune

So, I've just been watching The Big Short (2015). Third time I saw it actually. But I think 3 times is what it requires for a Boeotian / Philistine like me to fully grasp the financial malpractice this film is exposing (and the intricacies of a sick banking system).
Verdict: edifying
- At one point in the film we almost feel sorry for those few who saw it coming (the subprime crisis) and took to betting against subprime CDOs (which, in short, was tantamount to placing a bet on the collapse of our economy).
- The financial world is peopled with self-congratulating pricks / retards and a few unscrupulous bastards.
- People like me, that is with no or very little means, are basically fucked, unless they have the foresight and wisdom to follow Ben Rickert's example: prepare for survival by growing your own stuff.