French India                 

       Doudous & Fanons

A few coins from French trading posts and territories in India.
Pondichéry & Mahé

Doudous - 1/2 fanons - Fanons - Fanam

Bronze doudous.
Silver fanons and half fanons.
Gold fanams.


Doudous. Bronze. Pondichéry. 18th c.
Obverse: Fleur de lys.
Reverse: Tamul legend.

1/2 fanons

½ fanons. Silver. Minted in Pondichéry. 18th c.
Obverse: 3 Fleurs de lys.
Reverse: Beaded crown.


Fanons. Silver. Mahé trading post. Minted in Pondichéry (“P”). 18th c.
Obverse: Tamul legend (Compagnie de France).
Reverse: Tamul legend (Pondichéry P / year).

Gold fanams

These “Kali” gold fanams were sold to me as French. I believe they are Dutch (VOC). Minted in South-Eastern India. 18th century.